Friday, October 7, 2011

A little Sydney crafting

This week I flew to Sydney to visit my gorgeous friend Cherie.  It was a pretty quick trip, as my family pines for me when I'm away, so I cannot be gone long.  Poor Miss K was waking at night to ask if I was home yet.

While there I visited the amazing Remnant Warehouse.  Gosh, the fabric heaven I was in!  I will have project pics of the most amazing fabric made into a delicious dress I am yet to finish because I broke Cherie's sewing machine.  Well, it broke when I was using it, she says it wasn't my fault, but yeah, I believe this might fall under the same banner as 'whoever smelt it dealt it'.

But what I did get done was a reversible hat in the Make it Perfect: Lazy Day Hat pattern.  I cannot say I would make this pattern again.  Infact I left it in Sydney with Cherie.  There were lots of swear words coming out of me during the joining of the brim to the hat step.  I was not happy with the process.  It turned out fine enough, but I prefer to craft with patterns which make me happy, and this wasn't one of them.  For more able people (i.e.. those not known for being unco), it might be a breeze.  But hand-eye co-ordination isn't my thang, so this didn't go as nice as it could.

Here are some pics of the hat though, I am happy with the result  And Miss J is very happy with her new hat.

I had a lovely mini-break.  I missed my family something chronic and was desperately over-tired the whole time thanks to a 3 hour time difference, but it was great to hang out with Cherie doing some crafting for a few days.  And Corey had a treat for me and upgraded my flight home to Business Class which was just wonderful of him.  I got to hang out in the Business lounge before the flight - which was great because my flight was delayed by over an hour.  They had yummy brekkie and coffee - which was most needed at this point with a 6am Sydney time start, equating to a 3am Perth time *yawn*.  Then the flight was comfy with the big chairs I could lie all 6ft of me down and have a snooze.  I've informed Corey that I only want to fly Business Class from now on.  I'm pretty sure I just won't be flying anywhere any more.

Shan xx

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