Saturday, October 8, 2011

Holiday Herb Garden

School holiday activity the kids loved.  We made a herb garden.  Thanks to Pinterest, I am chockers full of ideas all the time, and this is an amalgam of a few of them.

I got some terracotta pots from Bunnings, and some purdy colours and set the kids up painting them all different colours.  I hammered soup spoons from a thrift store flat for the plant markers.

I mixed and matched the colours so it was a nice display.  I have basil, mint, chives, dill and parsley growing now.

Makes me happy to walk up to the front door being welcomed by bright cheery pots :).

One thing which didn't work out as desired.  I mixed the tile grout with the paint to create chalkboard paint as in the Martha Stewart instructions but it didn't work out well.  It was lumpy and dried out.  So I ended up just writing the names on in permanent marker instead.  So when I undoubtedly kill the plants I'll have to redo the spoons instead of just redoing the name.

Shan xx

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