Friday, September 23, 2011

Sports Carnival

This year, I decided to go a little bit extra for the girls' sports carnival, and they loved it!

I made them some pom-poms to flutter about (they thought I was the bestest Mum for this).

Miss J got some braids with ribbons braided in.  This is actually easy enough to do if you can already braid.  I just did a tiny pony at the top of the braid and tied in three ribbons, using one in each of the parts of the braid, then tied a ribbon on the top tiny pony to cover it.

Here she is in all her toothless glory.  The sun is in her eyes, hence the gooberish facial expression.

Miss B just got a two-step small pony style, her hair has been cut short enough that it doesn't do much right now.  I had also sprayed gold hairspray in for them too.

Isn't she a stunner?  Also a funny face she's pulling, but geez she's pretty.

And here's Miss K.  She needed to have her photo taken too (of course).

And her hair.  Even though she only had a daggy messy ponytail.

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  1. You make beautiful girls AND sports day accessories :) Fi xx