Monday, August 16, 2010

Attaching a Pocket - Part 1: Basting the Pocket

Step 1: Baste for base of the pocket.

  • Decide upon your position for your pocket.
  • Take a darning needle and some waste yarn - preferably with a good contrast to your work.
  • With your garment facing right way up, put your darning needle under a V stitch - one which is shaped like this: \/.
  • Go over the next V stitch
  • Repeat going under and over the stitches along a straight line until you have basted through the number of stitches you want for your pocket.

Baseline for pocket
Note: if your number of stitches for your pocket is an even number, you will be going under the last stitch which won't be part of your pocket.  Remember when you come to picking up the stitches to finish on an over-basted stitch.

Step 2: Baste for the edges of the pocket.
  • Notice that you have your V stitches basted, and in between these V stitches there are Peak stitches - ones which are shaped like this /\.
  • With your darning needle and another piece of waste yarn, put the needle under the bar of the Peak stitch on the outside of your last V stitch of the pocket, directly in line with the top of your waste yarn.
  • Running up the column of Peak stitches, go over the next bar.
  • Repeat going under and over the bars along a straight line until you have basted through the number of rows you want for your pocket plus a few more - you can add to this top number later on so don't stress too much about the height at this point.
Over and Under the bars of the Peak Stitches
  • Do both sides and it should look like this:
Pocket completely basted

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