Saturday, June 19, 2010

wow it's been a while

Ah, slack again with the blogging.  Since MARCH!!!  

Big things have happened.  We moved house from Brisbane to Perth.  Absolutely LOVE IT here!  Best place I've lived I think.  We drove over here - 4500km, 6 days, 4 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a packed trailer.  All went well though, no hiccups at all.

Now we are all settled.  Back into the swing of things.

I've been dyeing and knitting of course.  I haven't been taking photos of all my dyeing though, so I can't really share much of that sorry, and what I do have will be in the next post.

But here's for a knit wrapup:

I had done some testing on Tikki's Eden patterns:

The embellishment on the dress is the genius work of Tanja from Watermellish. She designs the most amazing embellishment charts, which the best tutorials.  Love her work to bits.

I designed my own dress pattern - The Flapper Dress:

And the skirt version of The Flapper Dress:

A couple of milo for a customer:

An Arwen ruffly skirt for Kassidy:

A vest and beanie combo for Kassidy in one of my favourite colourways - McKenzie's Rainbow by Sugarbubbie:

A pair of longies for a customer - yarn dyed by me:

Another testknit for Tikki - The Olearia Cardigan:

A Paula's Scarfette by Tikki for a Ravelry Swap in my fave yarn WOOLganics Worsted:

A couple of longies and milo sets for a customer - yarns dyed by me, star embellishment chart by Tanja of Watermellish again:

An in three's cardigan for Jessalyn in Family Roots Willow Merino Marilyn colourway:

Three wee little sets for a customer:

That is all for now ;-)


  1. Perth!?! Oh wow! I want all the details!

  2. Look at all your gorgeous knits! And those beautiful girls! I love those longies you hand-dyed yourself, love the tiers of ruffles! Great to hear that the actual moving wasn't too traumatic and that you are happy where you are now - YAY!