Monday, August 16, 2010

Attaching a Pocket - Part 2: Picking up the Base of the Pocket

Step 3: Picking up the base stitches.
  • Working from the right hand side of your work with your garment facing upright, poke your knitting needle under the top arc of the first V stitch of your pocket (in this case an under-basted stitch).  The top arc is the bar in between a V stitch which is directly above the baste line.
The top arc of the V stitch to be picked up
  • Wrap your yarn around your needle to knit this arc as if it were a stitch on a left hand needle. 
One stitch knitted onto the needle
  • Pick up and knit the top arc of the next V stitch (in this case an over-basted stitch).
Knitting through the second stitch
  • Repeat this process along your pocket base until you have picked up and knitted the number of stitches you need for your pocket.

Note:  The row just knitted is the first RS (right side) row of the pocket.

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