Monday, January 11, 2010

Late post about Christmas Craft

I don't usually 'do' Christmas, but got so sick of being called The Grinch by my loving family and friends that I decided to make it Christmassy here.  I didn't photograph it all, but here are some bits and pieces I did do.

These are the Christmas Cards I made up.  Turns out I didn't send too many of the ones I made, I lost them lol.  But the thought was there.

I had bought three fabrics for Christmas this year - copped flack from family because they weren't Christmassy enough, but I love them.  So I photocopied them to make the cards.  And I sewed up the envelope myself also.

I also cut the fabric up in the shapes of wooden letters I had bought, and it was proudly displayed on our front entry sideboard.

I love the fabric combo so much.

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  1. Well done Shannon.

    You made our Christmas great.