Friday, December 11, 2009

A couple more things to sell

Available through my Ozebaby store or just message me.

Cabled Shorties
size small

Knitted in Evoke Yarns Aran BFL in the Iceland colourway.  Sized to fit about 5-8kg.  Rise - 36cm; Bum - 40cm; Inseam - 6cm.

Lovely cable detailing down both legs.

And contrast garter feature with a rolled cuff.

Tropical Lily
adjustable size

Knitted in Anchor Magicline in a greens and blues colouring.  This is possibly the most elegant colourway of my batch of colours.  Sized to fit from around 20 inches (51cm) it is adjustable with crossover straps on which you can add extra buttons, and ties.


  1. I knit my Tropical Lily in exactly the same colorway too. I just throw it in the washing machine to wash it and it comes out perfectly everytime too. Love the cute shorties as well.

  2. ooh. I love the new look Shan, looks awesome!!!!

    I love that colourway too, it is so so pretty!
    cable feature on the shorties is uber cute!

  3. Love your new blog header!!! Absolutely gorgeous.
    And you've done such a sweet job of the cabled shorties. What pattern did you use?