Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Should I Tute or Should I not??

I wanted a needle holder for my dpns, so I had a little lookie at what tutes were around, but wasn't thrilled, so I just made one up.

I had a ball making it, and it turned out spiffy.  So I made another, and improved on it (of course).

So now I'm wondering if I should put a tute up for it, or perhaps sell them in my store, or maybe both?  Dunno.  WDYT?


  1. My thoughts...make some & sell them in your store because I want to buy one for my mum & I can't sew lol. I'm after one that will fit straight needles (hint, hint!!).


  2. tute! tute! I want to make one too!!! or I'd buy one, either way lol

  3. I'd be happy with either. LOL ;)

  4. gorgeous! The fabrics are brilliant. Will be watching out for a tut or some to pop up in store.

  5. Beautiful! Sell them if you have the time :)