Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Undersized Couvercle

I originally started this Couvercle hat for my sister-in-law Belinda. She wanted it in black and I had some 8ply black here but the pattern was for 10ply. So I double stranded and downsized needles thinking it would end up pretty much a muchness. I didn't bother with a swatch as is normal for me, figuring that too small would be good for my kids, too big would be good for me. Well, it ended up too small, which is fine because now it is my girls hat. But now I have to do a beret for Belinda still rofl.

Good project, got a bit tricky with the crocheted brim, as it's done double stranded and I already was, so I was crocheting 4 strands of yarn LOL.

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