Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Helena Cardigan for Kassidy

I fell in love with this pattern the moment I saw it. It's the Helena Cardigan from www.knitty.com and it's just adorable. So I joined in a Knit-along with some friends from Woolaholics and enjoyed sharing the experience with others too.

I am very pleased with the results too. I made a few mods on the pattern though, which I think added to my enjoyment of the final product.
  • I did see stitch waist, cuffs and edging
  • I picked up the patterned stitches on the edging, but used the same needle size for the whole project (4mm)
  • I also did an increase in the turn of the edging for the 'collar' bit once on each side on the 5th row of edging
These three mods meant that there's no pulling on the edging at all which is great, because I have read a few comments from people saying that their edging was puckering.

  • I did 5 stitch wide ties
  • I picked up 16 stitches under each arm
  • I and did decreases (only slight) down the arms, one decrease every 5 rounds.

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