Thursday, January 9, 2014

Lyrical Costume (with Asymmetric circle skirt mini-tutorial)

I am getting prepared for the coming year.  Even though we are changing dance studios and don't have routines sorted, well, we actually don't have an enrolment in yet lol, I have decided to make sure I have the costumes sorted ahead of time so that I don't get overly busy and have to push it too hard just before a routine needs it.

So this one is for Miss 13.  She gave me a stack of pictures from the internet of what type of thing she wanted, and I went with this look.

Asymmetric sparkle chiffon skirt over some hot pants, one sleeve top with a sparkle chiffon drape, gathered at the shoulder.  

I have to figure out a headpiece, but I actually think the bit of chiffon I wrapped around a simple bun looks lovely in itself.

Both top and hotpants are from patterns from Tumblentwirl on etsy.  Both are in one of the trainingwear packs from memory.  

For the asymmetric skirt, I cut a circle as for a circle skirt and then moved the middle circle off centre by 2 inches.  

A little bit of a tutorial - this assumes you already have knowledge of making a circle skirt:

1. Fold the fabric in quarters.

2. Cut the outer circle.  First do the math:

Brielle's waist is 29 inches - add an inch for stretching over the hips - 30 inches.

Divide the circumference by pi (3.1415) and then divide by 2 - that gives the amount from the corner the waist will be.  In this case 4.75 inches.

Add the length you want the skirt to be.  I wanted the middle of the skirt (in line with her belly button) to be 10 inches, with it evenly skewed left and right of that point.

So I cut the big circle at 14.75 inches from the corner.

3. Unfold the fabric.

4. Fold the fabric in half.

5. Measure from one of the ends of the straight edge the difference in height you want your right and left sides to be.

In this one, I wanted the right side to be 8 inches (middle 10 inches) and the left side 12 inches. 

So that is 4 inches from the end on the straight edge.

6. Fold your top two layers over to this measurement.

7. Measure and cut your inner circle from the corner (mine was 4.75 inches remember).

And there you have your asymmetric skirt cut out.

I just sandwiched this between my shorts and waistband as I was sewing it together.  Ta-da!  

Being chiffon, just threw a rolled hem onto it to finish it off.  The drape over the top was a bit more painful, and I don't have it sorted to sit right yet, so have to decide how to secure it for dancing.

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