Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Party Time

My wee miracle girl Jessalyn turned 7 last week, so I threw her a fairy party on the weekend.  Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I had so many ideas to churn through to make it magical and special for her.

I spent a while on the decorations, and still have sticky tape all over the house but it was so worth it.  The printed stock came from Stockberry Studios on Etsy, and was so cute, little signs for the party, labels, cupcake toppers and wrappers and lots lots more.  For only USD$10, totally worth it.

I made little packets of Fairy Dust for the take home thank you packs.

We had a Fairy come to entertain the girls, they played games and danced and sang really really really loud!  I'm a bit concerned about the gaggle of 7 year olds in my back yard screaming "I'm sexy and I know it..... wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle".  *sigh*

Lots of food and drinks were enjoyed.

Heart and Flower shaped fairy bread:

 Cheesy Macaroni in individual packs:

Fairy Flower Nectar in mini milk bottles with paper straws:

For dessert, pre-scooped ice-cream with sticks for the girls to dip in sprinkles:

And the cake.  I've been dreaming of this cake since first seeing it on Pinterest, and it worked so well:


  1. Looks fabulous, and Happy Birthday Jessalyn

  2. Looks like an awesome birthday party!!

  3. What a super mum you are Shannon! It looks amazing! REALLY amazing! One I'm sure she'll remember fondly forever!

  4. And 7 is the bestest age ever! I loved being 7!