Friday, October 8, 2010

Blogtober Day 8: Dyeing up some pretties

All three of these sets of beauties are going to a friend of mine, Karla.

Technically I only custom dyed two sets for her (the top two) - but she saw the third one and wanted it too and made grabby hands at it so she's getting it. She's a wee bit of an addict. I love her to bits! Karla makes the most amazing stitch markers and dyes a mean skein of yarn herself, I'm pretty sure one day she'll be selling knitteds too as her work there is amazing also.

Isn't it fantastic when you find friendship with somebody who lifts your spirits? I have been very blessed to find many such people in my life, mainly through online friendships, and Karla is one of these people. She makes me laugh. A lot! I can generally expect to have a smile on my face after every exchange we have. But she also understands the more serious things aswell. She is kind and generous, giving and understanding. I would love to live close to her, and am jealous of the ladies who get to call her a real life friend. *mwa* Karla, you are a rocking chick and I am thankful to have you in my life.


  1. Oh your yarn is simply gorgeous. Do you sell your dyed yarns at all.

  2. That bottom one is especially gorgeous!!!!! Love love love love love.
    You have inspired me to get out the pot this weekend and have a boil up :)

  3. Oh I love them all too - the top one especially....or maybe the bottom one, or I quite like the middle one too lol!

  4. I think i would have been grabbing at the third set - it is so beautifull and just my colours,

  5. Ooooh, these are gawjus! So nice to see your dyeing mojo back :)

    PS -- I love blogtober! My way of celebrating it is to not do a post every day.. oh wait that's what I do in September, August, July... ROFL

  6. Oh they are beautiful - now you need to do them in cotton for me lol!!