Thursday, October 7, 2010

Blogtober Day 7: My kids

I have 4 children. All girls. And it is amazing just how the same parents and homelife can create 4 individual personalities so different to each other.

Ziana: My firstborn, my big kid. She's almost 12 now, and starting highschool next year, makes me feel a wee bit old. This person is amazing. She has a brain unlike any other. She is brilliant academically with a flair for maths and science like you wouldn't believe. She is also disorganised, scatterbrained, obsessive and naive. She doesn't really get along with her peers, but can interact so well with adults, she doesn't understand the social stuff at all. She does try though, once she did a poll of her class about 'What makes someone cool and popular' - broke my heart to hear that I tell you. She writes songs, writes the most amazing stories and can draw manga like a professional artist (in Mummy's opinion).

She has gotten into this super amazing gifted program they run here in WA which hopefully will see her achieve the best of her. Unfortunately she's had a bit of a rough start to schooling. Skipping grades, dropping back to peer grade, changing schools (she's on her 5th change already), social awkwardness and a diagnosis of Aspergers all have given her a bit of a rough trot. So I am hoping this GATE program she is in will be the stabilising factor for her and she can achieve what she has the potential to do.

At the moment she has an obsession with Bunnies, and is slowly working me down to get one of her own. She's very hard to say no to.

Brielle: This gorgeous little girl just turned 10 this year. She takes an amazing photo and I am truly scared of the boys in a few years. She is athletic and does gymnastics. All of a sudden since we've moved over here to Perth, she's taken on a new strength with the gymnastics and can do walkovers, back bends, kick overs, roundoffs, and whole heap of stuff I don't know the name of. I think it's because she's not been to classes since May, she starts again next week, so she had that time off for her brain to click into a new level.

She is friendly and likeable, but does seem to have a few issues with bossiness and temper. She has a bit of a social roundabout as a result. But she is a girlie girl through and through. She isn't the most academic of people, but she tries hard now and I think she's going to do just fine because she has no problem working for what she wants.

Jessalyn: My miracle child. This little person has more strength than anyone I know. She has been through more medical treatments than most people see in their entire lives, but she always has a joyous light to her mood. Her list of conditions are as follows: Biliary Atresia, Anterior Meningocele (a form of spina bifida), Tethered Spinal Cord, Anorectal Malformation, Sacral Agenesis and Duanes' Syndrome. She had her first operation before she was 7 weeks old which was a Kasai Procedure for the Biliary Atresia to literally save her life, without it she would have died by about 1 year old or needed a liver transplant. She's been hospitalised for a week at a time over a dozen times since for liver infections and other operations, including a PSARP and a MACE procedure. Despite all these conditions working against her she is almost a perfectly normal 5 year old little girl. She does have bowel washouts through her MACE every second day, but her liver is healthy for a BA child and her spine seems to work just fine for mobility.

But she is bright and sunny which is something I never thought would happen back in the dark days of holding down my screaming infant while the doctors pierce their 40th hole in her skin for that day trying to get a vein, or seeing her cut up with tubes everywhere drugged out on morphine after her Kasai.

I love this child more than my own life. She is my light and my fire. I would do anything for her and would move the heavens if she needed it. She is brilliant and funny and I don't think I could exist without her.

Kassidy: The baby. OK, so the baby is over 3 years old now and starts kindy next year, but she will always be my baby (I assume). She is totally addicted to me, has to have her hand on me most of the time, and still sleeps in my bed most of the time. I have been putting her to bed in her own bed for the past 2 months, but she bounces into my arms by about 10:30 every night.

This child has such a strong personality she is going to be something very powerful when she grows up. I've never come across such a strong willed infant when she was a baby, and now she still manages to get her way all the time (of course her parents are pushovers....). She is very tactile, even as a wee bub she would stroke my eyebrows and eyelashes to do to sleep, and now she still rubs up and down my arm. If she can't reach she goes into a bit of a panic about it until she finds something tactile to rub.

She's started growing up now, and doing very big girl things. She has a bit of a lisp which is just about the cutest thing I've ever seen. I'll most likely regret saying that in a few years I'm sure.

So, that's my girls. I am so happy to have been blessed with each of them. Although that's not always the sentiment which comes across in times of stress ;-).


  1. Oh Shannon, how I have missed you and your gorgeous girls. I am so glad to see you blogging again, and even gladder to read this beautiful post.

    As soon as I say Jessalyn's name I felt that catch in my throat. She is remarkable.

    I recall your dark days, and I am not suprised to see the light that now shines upon you all.


  2. What a beautiful post. You need to print this out and keep it somewhere special for when the girls each turn 15 and become beasts. Even your precious girls will become teenagers!!
    Can tomorrow's post be about their amazing mum?

  3. Thanks Luce, I miss you guys so much. I do need to start blogging and following blogs again. I just miss so much of what's going on with people.....especially since I don't facebook lol.

    Fi, I doubt I'll be doing a 'me' post pmsl. My girlies are going to be angels as teenagers I have decided!

  4. What a nice blogpost! I had to react, even if I didn't do that before...

    I so recognize this! I have 3 girls and it's a fact that they are all very different! We have a dancing queen (dancing is a passion for her and she's only 5), a highsensitive (on a high level... not easy to deal with, but it's an amazing girl) and a clown/adventurer...
    all 3 totally different to eachother, but together they can change the world, I'm sure of that!

  5. Beautiful Shannon, I have four girls too, each with their own unique ways, I too feel completely blessed!

  6. Beautiful girls (especially so in real life :)), beautiful photos, amazingly beautiful post! You are one blessed mumma..

    PS -- I think you need to practice your shotgun skills now hun! ROFL .. the boys will be queing around the block!

  7. What a lovely post Shannon! It's great way for those of us that have never had the pleasure of meeting you & your family in real life to get to know your beautiful girls a bit better.

    It's inspired me to think about posting a similar introduction to my girls on my blog.

  8. You made me cry!
    I love the way you posted such inspiring comments about your babies!

  9. Beautiful Beautiful post, you have my in tears again! lol

  10. So nice to read how the girls are coming along. They are beautiful xox