Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Blogtober Day 20: No More Yarn

OK, I was talking to hubby about the weighty issues I am facing and he suggested (nicely) that perhaps one of the reasons things are getting way out of control is that I have chosen a hobby which pretty much renders me inactive for most of my time. Alrighty, I know that many people knit without being fat, or sloth-like, but I happen to be one of those over-obsessive types who does things to the limits of how they can possibly be done. I have a very addictive personality.

So we thought putting down the needles for a month - except when watching tele at night - might make a difference. But my immediate brain response to that was to think of all the pretty yarns I want to knit up because they are sitting there looking at me, expecting to be knit.

Which leads to the absolute yarn ban. I've said it before, I know. I really really have to do it this time. For my psychological wellbeing. And my health it turns out.

Of course I get to this point and wonder if perhaps I should sell the yarn babies off. But geez, that would be physically painful I think.

I wonder if I could free myself of the knitting obsession? I wonder if I should or not. I have said before that I don't think I have anything else to turn to. But maybe that's the point? Give knitting a rest so that I can cultivate other interests which don't make me so inner focused.

Maybe I could become a gym junkie. (yes I giggled out loud as I typed that)

I certainly could make a stack of money if I sold off the yarn babies. But what would I buy with it if I weren't buying yarn????


  1. I knit quite a bit too and have found I am heavier than when I was actually pregnant which is pretty bad for me. Since the weather has become much nicer my daughter and I go for a half hour walk every evening after dinner. It is great for your peace of mind too allowing you to unwind!

  2. don't give up your yarn, use it as an incentive instead. I'm also trying to become a healthier person that I hope will lead to sustainable weight loss and have been making deals with myself. If I do 30mins of xyz exercise then I get to knit for 10 mins etc. I also have a running track close to my place so I can walk around and around while knitting, the time passes quickly, I can still knit and the track is smooth so I don't have to watch where I'm going much. Oh and crafty podcasts help too. Good luck
    PS. I love that you are blogging more regularly again, I enjoy reading your posts.

  3. do you have a dog Shan? or can get one, then you would have to walk it at least :) please dont stop designing though cant wait to get my hands on that yokeing around design I love it so much


  4. Get an exercise bike!! One of those recumbent or upright ones that you don't need to hold on to the handles. That way you can knit and exercise at the same time... or you could do that in the gym too if you're keen :)

  5. Don't get rid of the yarn. Something that makes you happy isn't bad for you, its about balance :)

    I say learn to knit while on a treadmill!

  6. Shannon, you know me. I was addicted to forums. Now I am addicted to exercise. Bizarre.

    Put it all away for a while and see what happens?

  7. I say find an exercise that you can do and knit at the same time, treadmill/bike/crosstrainer. I know what you mean though I am huge and I attribute it to sitting on my ass knitting lol