Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Blogtober Day 13: Designing

I usually love designing. But of late I've had lots and lots of ideas which incorporate different or unusual techniques, either ones which I've never used much personally, or ones which are kinda new in general. As a result all my designs are in the naughty corner after many froggings.

So I've been in a bit of a funk.

Today I picked back up one of those naughty designs to have another go at it. The problem is that it's a circular yoke design which I am not fluent in - I've only knitted I think one or two patterns which featured a circular yoke, and I didn't actually pay attention to them, I was just knitting the pattern as written. Also, I left most of my knitting reference books back in Brisbane when we moved over so can't do much reading on the matter.

So this has been knitted and frogged so many times, even the cotton is getting frayed and yucky. Good thing it wasn't in organic merino or something lol.

But I think I've cracked it today. Not too sure if it's 'right' as far as knitting rules go, but it's working how I want it to, and rules don't generally bother me as long as the end result is right lol.

I have the shape correct, just gotta get my sizing right now. The one I did for Kassidy is too small (that's it in the background on waste yarn), so I had to rethink the sizing.

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