Monday, October 5, 2009

Bloomin' Brilliant!!!

Ah, Bliss!!!!! This is the most divine pattern I have ever knitted. It is feminine and girly, yet can handle a tomboyish child too. Unlike most children's knitting which become outgrown far too quickly for the effort put in, this garment will grow with a child. This is a test knit for Tikki, the pattern is called BLOOM isn't too far off release I don't think.
I have tested the 10ply, large size, which:
fits my 2 year old nicely as a dress:
fits my 4 year old also as a dress
and grows to fit my 9 year old rather splendidly as a tunic:
I have also knitted the 4ply, small size which looks like it will fit from around birth to about 12-18 months old (but my sizing may be off due to not having a bub around). This garment I love to bits, but isn't as nice as it could be. I tried this yarn to see how the pattern would take to a yarn like this. I think that this would have been okay without the diamond inserts on the skirt. I love this yarn. Fortunately I have enough for another dress.


  1. I love the mustard yellow one, and it fits them all so well doesnt it. I wouldnt mind knitting it for my 8 year old and I think her chest is 70cms now, will have to check. She is more like the height of a 10 year old so I hope it will be big enough for her. Yours do look beautiful and you have quite a few models for it too, lol!

  2. stunning! I can't wait til the pattern's released, I've promised my 11 year old a new summer top, and it might have to be this one!

  3. gorgeous! what a great blog you have! I've just found you and adding you to my favourites right now. You are a machine with finishing things off. I love that pattern and can't for its release!!!!

    I'll be back!