Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tropical Maddi....and our hospital story

I made my neice Maddi this Tropical Lily top. It's knitted in Anchor Magicline cotton and is simply superb. The colour changes of the yarn lined up almost precisely with the pattern repeats of the lacework. Even on the bodice, one colour change occurs just before the stocking stitch, with two evenly spaced stripes, followed by a colour change just at the next garter section. Talk about divinity. Totally unplanned, I just followed the pattern and the yarn did the rest!

I did pull through a colour change to line the straps up so that they match. My brain would not allow me to have unmatched straps. Thankfully it was pretty hassle free to do so.

The flower button was one which I got for my birthday from this little girl's family. There are other colours in the set also, so I'm hoping the next two Tropical Lilys I do there will be one to match also.

This little number was knitted while I was in hospital with Kassidy, who fell and cut her knee. She did not just get a scrape like any other time she's fallen, but she sliced it to the knee joint and required surgery to clean and stitch it. She is recovering nicely now, almost able to stand on it again.

The hospital staff were amazed at how calm I was sitting there knitting......little do they know that the knitting was the calming element - I cannot imagine what my days would have been like without it. We spent from 4:30pm until 7:00am the next morning in the two emergency wards, I can't even imagine that without knitting! What do people who don't knit do when they have to wait for something??? Seriously, I'd love to know.


  1. Ouch, poor little thing! Lots of quick healing vibes to Kassidy and love & hugs to you both. Gorgeous top, BTW. You are so talented!

  2. Oh I love Maddi's tropical lily - it's stunning. You did such a great job - love the colourway too.

    Jambin says he hopes Kassidy gets better soon so that they can get up to lots of mischief together when we come to visit in October.