Monday, July 13, 2009

I'm starting to play two games today....... called "Finish or Frog" and "Sew or Throw".

First Up: Finish or Frog

My knitting WIPs feel out of control (although I know there are worse out there!), but being as much of a scatterbrain as I am, I find I cannot function well at times of an overwhelming WIP pile.

From top to bottom, left to right:
  • Mum's Vest - only just started - finish by end July
  • Moose's Argyle Vest - frog
  • Clapotis - in the long boring middle stretch - finish by my birthday (23rd July)
  • Butterfly Astronaught Vest - only just started - finish by end August
  • Longies - almost finished 1st leg - finish by end of this week
  • Booties - onto base of 2nd foot - finish by tomorrow night
  • Lizard Ridge - 10/30 into 2/5 strips - finish by Corey's Birthday in March
  • BSJ - need to sew on buttons - finish by tomorrow night
  • Black hat - just started - finish by end of this week
  • FLS - frog
  • Satchel - part way into strap - finish by end of this week
  • Longies - just need to do waist casing - finish by tomorrow night
I'm not going to do something silly like say that I have to finish these off before casting on something new - we all know that just won't happen!

Secondly: Sew or Throw

From left to right:
  • 3 almost completed aprons - just need to finish pockets and fastenings for straps - sew
  • 2 cut out aprons - sew
  • (top) 4 pair of fleece pants - just need waist casing and hems - sew
  • (top) 2 pair of knitted socks which I have holes in and need repairing - sew
  • cherry bag - cut out but I hated the first one of this I made so I will probably just put the material back into the stash - throw
  • butterfly bag - cut out, but I can't be bothered making it, so again, back to the stash - throw
  • black grab bag - almost finished - sew
  • twirly skirt - just needs to backing of a waist casing and elastic - sew
  • pj top - throw
Unlike the knitting, I am going to stick to one sewn project at a time, so I am not starting anything more until this is done. The only exception to that is that the 2 cut aprons won't get completely finished until I buy a snap press - and in order to do that I am going to sell some apron tops to fund that.


  1. Well done! I did a heap of frogging the other day and it actually felt really good. Quite cleansing actually ;-)

  2. Ah... I am not the only one then although I have to say you have more WIP than I do (in fabric and wool) but the flip side to that is how darn good will it be when you've finished them all - what a pile of completion!!! :)