Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Done, done and done

My three projects I had in line to be finished by tonight are infact finished!

BSJ (Baby Suprise Jacket) in Bella Baby Layette. LOVE the BSJ! EZ was just a genius woman with an amazing intuition for knitting. Love the way this comes together and you see it growing out and down. There's lots written about the underwritted pattern and how it needs more explaining, but I found it simple and straightforward. I have found that the neck is very skinny which I solved by omitting the top button. This little wonder will be winging it's way to Sydney for Miss Darcy sometime soon. Love having a little baby to knit for.

BSJ inspired booties in WOOLganics yarn. Also for Darcy.

I also finished the waistband casing on the black longies.

I found another project which got frogged too - a pair of slippery socks. I have decided once and for all I am NOT a sock knitter. I loathe to knit the same thing twice and that is the very fundament of sock knitting. I also cannot stand knitting a garment in 4ply! I suppose a shawl will be different due to the lacework.

Speaking of shawls - I have one lined up to go thanks to receiving my Jolly Jumbuck Gradual Gradient in the Black Rainbow colourway.......love it to bits!

AND finally, I found a little bitty pair of shorties I found. I knitted these to test my 12ply pattern on some leftovers. Turns out the pattern was out in gauge, so these are doll worthy. Cute though.


  1. I'm impressed! and you found time to clean the house too :O That makes you superwoman in my book ;)

  2. oh oh oh .... for us!!!! They're gorgeous!!! You are so clever.