Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Blog neglect

My 3yo had an operation over a month ago, so I've been in avoidance mode. So I have a bit of catching up to do on my FOs.......

Monkey Socks - These are nice, they were a bit tight on me even though I upsized my needles, so I gave them to Mum. The picture shows the colour fade on the yarn, which I was most disappointed in. I love the bright colours, it's not that I don't like how they've ended up though, it's quite pretty too.

Lovely pattern, love the lace repeat. I would like to try the No Purl Monkeys too.

Two dishcloths for Tracee in a Nappycino pay it forward swap.
Chinese Waves:
Frankenstein from a Monthly Dishcloth KAL group:

Two pair of longies for Nelle: One pair for Silas, I did these with a curly purly waistband and put my increases on the other side of my marker, and also did a full gusset instead of a half. Probably my favourite longies I've ever knitted!
The waistband folds over to get more use from an extendable rise......
And one pair for River - I did the full gusset on this pair too and brought the short rows in each time on the bum, I think they fit much better that way (also did that on Si's pair too).

I did this cotton Tikki dress for Jessalyn, but Brielle wears it as a top now as I increased the bodice thinking the cotton would shrink on washing, but it did not. I put a little cable down along the front increases. I love this it's very darling and soft.
Being modelled by the cheeky monkey. God I love this little poppet, she's just amazing. Considering this picture was taken about a week after she had surgery to create a port in her appendix to do daily bowel washouts (called a MACE procedure), and had a foley catheter in her and all that, she's just amazing......but I digress.
Almost caught up.....gotta wait until some people get their stuff for the next pics :).


  1. Absolutely gorgeous, Shannon! Glad to see Jessalyn is doing so well after her operation.

  2. Oh my goodness. Jessalyn gets more and more beautiful (like her Mummy) every day. What an amazing peach she is.......(and a cool model!) Hope you are OK babe.....xxx