Monday, October 6, 2008

Apron Top, Tribble & Project Bag

Ah it feels good to be battling in the WIP War I started. It feels great having direction and a clear goal to head towards.

First up, the other Apron Top I cut when I cut the one for my Upcycle Swap. I think my workmanship was better on this one. Since I either don't have or can't find my buttonhole foot, I've been doing them manually, and this one was better than the last lot. I don't exactly know who the recipient of this will be, I have three little girls who would look spectacular in it, one being Jessalyn, and the other two little friends of ours.
I also finished the project bag. This isn't anything too spesh, mainly I wanted a drawstring bag big enough to fit in a major project like a jumper or cardigan along with the notions and tools needed to complete it. I would like to have a separate bag for each of my WIPs so that I can just grab a bag and go if we are going in the car or something.
I put a big pocket on the inside so that I can store patterns, needles etc and they not get all mussed up with the yarn.
A Tribble. I am going to be giving this as part of a PIF from Nappycino. I offered three dishcloths as my end of the PIF, and this will be one of them. Unfortunately, this also means that I did infact add to my WIP list......whoopsie lol.
List update:

  • Monkey Socks
  • Purple Jess Socks
  • Inca Socks
  • Lizard Ridge frogged
  • Tribble
  • Crossover Top/Tunic
  • My Cardigan frogged
  • Rainbow Soaker frogged


  • Grab Bag
  • Messenger Bag
  • Apron Top
  • Tag Toy
  • Project Bag
  • Lengthen PJ top
  • PJ's
  • Fix Gizmo & Matilda's Doll and Matilda's Dress
  • Tassles onto table runner
  • Ziana's felt doggie
  • Felt cupcake

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  1. Holly Hobby sheets?! Shannon, I swear we were separated at birth! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fabric, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the little dresses/pinnafores. Jealous. Deeply jealous. Lucy xx