Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wooly Mail

I've had a big week of wooly mail - and I have one more package to receive too. In this picture are:
  • Yarncollective Soaker Club yarn dyed by the gorgeous Kelly from Dyelicious. Sooooooo devinely soft and squishy, worsted weight DHDY in pinks, greens and yellows for spring. Currently being worked into a soaker for a soaker skirt for Jessalyn.
  • Rainbow yarn I got in a PIF from Kris on Nappycino. It's Susanne's House of Wool yarn.
  • Red Four Bags Full merino dyed by Kris of Monster Knits. This was part of a swap with Kris, I wanted some red 4BF for some Seven of Hearts socks.
  • 10 balls of Eco Bamboo yarn from The Yarn Cafe. Oooooh, this is just devine. The absolute softest thing I've ever knitted with. It is becoming a Hey Teach! for me
I love wooly mail!

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