Monday, September 8, 2008

A Dishcloth a Day

No no no no no, I am NOT going to commit to knitting a dishcloth a day LOL. I am going to commit to knitting a dishcloth for each day of the week. Here are my first two a Garterlac Dishcloth and a Chinese Waves Dishcloth.

The garterlac dishcloth is the absolute shoddiest piece of knitting I've ever done. The only reason it didn't get frogged is that its still functional as a dishcloth which washes my dishes. I only knitted this to learn the basics of entrelac, and I did, but I think it would be better in stocking stitch and with more appropriate yarn.

The Chinese Waves Dishcloth makes me happy. It's very zen. I love the pattern, I think it's become my favourite pattern now.

1 comment:

  1. I had the same experience with the garterlac. I used Anchor Magicline and I think that's what you've used too?
    That chinese waves one looks really good. Think I'll try that one next :)