Monday, September 22, 2008

Revelationary Soaker!

I've knitted this soaker from the Yarncollective Soaker Club Yarn by Kelly from Dyelicious Hand Dyed Yarns. I haven't done a proper waistband because I am going to sew a twirly skirt on it and form an elastic casing that way.
Revelation #1: One of the reasons I don't knit soakers too much is because I hate doing the cuffs. I hate picking up stitches full stop. Basically anything which requires finishing I loathe. So as I was inwardly groaning at the thought of it, I was trying to work out ways to 'cheat' and leave the stitches live on the needles so I don't have to pick them up, and the thought struck me to do short rows on the decreases instead of k2tog & ssk. So I did it and it worked a treat! This was the very first soaker that I didn't leave sit for at least a fortnight before doing the cuffs. Amazing. And it sits nicely too.

I am sure people all over the place do this anyway, but to me it was an amazing find. It was a bit fiddly working out in what order to do the grafting, how to arrange the stitches on needles and waste yarn etc, and it didn't help that I knitted it in the car on a trip to the Toowoomba Flower Festival over the weekend. Next time I might have it down pat! Now that I'm not scared of soaker knitting there will be a next time soon!

Revelation #2: I cast off the cuffs in a 7mm needle, and they still were too tight on Jess's thighs, so I *finally* decided to look up the sewn cast off technique. OMG, how easy it is, I can't believe I have wasted so much time doing a normal cast off in bigger needles. Easy Peasy and works like magic, the cuffs fit Jess beautifully now, meaning I didn't have to rip back the cuffs and add more stitches in! Love it!

And......just to see if anyone actually reads my blog is a sneak peak of the material I have made my Nappycino Upcycle Swap from....... hehehe. These are my bedsheets from when I was a little girl, I adore them.

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