Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yummy Scrummy woolly treats

I need to post some pics of my recent woolly parcels.

Firstly are some sock yarns from Monsoon Designs at Yarncollective. Very very scrummy, I've started on the cycad (the green one) with some Firestarter Socks, just to see how it's knitting up. That is now sitting on hold on waste yarn, because I needed the needles for my Sheldon the Turtle I am knitting for Jessalyn.

Next is some yarn dyed by Carolyn from Nappycino which was a part of a swap I did with her. The rainbow yarn is lambswool (I think) and the purple is some Treliske organic merino I sent her to dye co-ordinatingly (is that a word?). I might think about doing a Helena cardigan for Jessalyn out of it *maybe*. Unless another cardigan pattern rears its head and takes my fancy *wink*.

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