Thursday, July 31, 2008

Purple the Turtle

A very much loved addition to our family is Purple the Turtle. He is actually Sheldon the Turtle, but the name hasn't stuck, so he is now named Purple. For my very much Purple and Turtle obsessed daughter Jessalyn.

Fun pattern to knit, a little fiddly at times, and I used 8ply yarn instead of the patterned 4ply! This poor guy has some stuffing issues, I understuffed his neck, so its a tad floppy, and I overstuffed his shell, so his body doesn't fit in as nicely as it should. He seems to be well loved by his new owner, so I shouldn't be too picky I suppose :).


  1. Sheldon (or Purple) rocks! You did such a great job on him.

  2. he is sooo cute!!! I love him :)