Thursday, June 12, 2008

Another UFO down.....and some new yummy wool

I finished off the BFL longies I started aaaaaages ago. I totally love this wool, I made a pair of shorties out of it and now this. It is BFL I got from Monster Knits probably close on 2 years ago which I dyed probably close on 1 year ago LOL.

The colouring on one leg was not the same as the other so I added a couple of inreases on the inner leg, then I realised that I had grafted together two too many at the crotch which was the cause of it. And I ran out of wool on the second leg, so had to frog some from the first to even it up......but it worked well because they fit K better this size anyway. I got this wool yesterday which I ordered from when they had a sale the other week. It got here super quick from the US I am so pleased. It is sock yarn and I'm going to do me some socks in it. I so love the colours, they are my favourites of all time.

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  1. The pink longies look perfect now... I would certainly never be able to tell that you ever had any troubles with them! The sock yarn is gorgeous... have you knitted up the socks yet? I would love to see them :-)

    Ruth xx