Monday, May 23, 2011

Time for a Dye-up

I am trying my best to declutter, so have decided to do up some packs of yarns from my ever increasing tubs of undyed yarns.

I am going to do some mini-skein packs in a rainbow of pastel colours for striping projects.  The colours will be blue - purple - pink - orange - yellow - green; however I might do a boyish pack or two with brown and grey instead of the pink and purple.  I am going to be doing them in 100purewool 3ply and WOOLganics 8ply.  They are going to have 50g mini skeins in the packs.  Each pack will have 6 colours in it - 300g in total.  The packs will be $60AUD *postage within Australia and NZ included*.

I am not doing this as a pre-order at all.  There is no guarantee that life won't throw me a curve ball and have me not do any of the dyeing, or the reskeining or something. 

HOWEVER, if you are interested in a pack, please let me know your preferences and I'll keep a list.  If you especially have a desire for a set of colours I am not currently doing, for example a mini-skein pack of graduated light to dark within the same colourway, also let me know this.  No obligation to buy when the packs are done, I'm sure they will either sell or be happy to join my stash if you don't eventually want them. is my contact email, or I'm Shannon23 on Rav.

As I mentioned, I will be doing pastel colours.  This is where my current dyeing style is and I am pretty much incapable of dyeing a bright colour, especially on handwash yarns.  Here is a selection of yarns I have dyed recently to show you the type of colours I am talking about.


  1. Soooo bloody tempted. If the dollar wasn't so bloody atrocious I'd be in like flynn. Some baby boy woolganics squishiness. Yum...

  2. Oh my!! Dependant on my $$ situation at the time, I could very well be interested :-)

  3. Oh my god Shannon, they are beautiful, think of me when you do them next!!