Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blogtober Day 5: Sirens Eye

I have a very specific taste in music.  I 'like' quite a bit if it has nice tones and harmonies to the tune, but I rarely 'love' a lot.  The stuff that I have on my steady playlist has been there forever and not much comes in to it and sticks.

On my current playlist I have Muse - pretty much all of it, except most of Hullabaloo which gets a bit screachy in places.  I prefer the mid-earlier stuff - Showbiz and Absolution are about the best for me, followed very closely by Black Holes and Revelations.  Black Holes and Revelations was good, like awesomely good, but signalled a bit of a turn toward a bit more commercialism I feel.  And I cannot stand listening to Supermassive Black Hole anymore, so that drags it down a bit.  The Resistance is also awesomely good, feels like a new kind of Muse - which is still great.  It's kinda like watching the first 2 seasons of Red Dwarf and seasons 5&6 - they are both great in their own right, but have completely different feels to them.

We're likely to be going to their concert in December, that will be pretty awesome.

Also on my playlist is The Living End.  This is a superb Aussie band I took a liking to back in the early days of my adulthood.  Any alternarockpunk rocking Aussie band who can pull off having a double bass in the lineup is fine by me!  I stopped listening to music almost completely during the childrearing years (too much Wiggles and Hi-5 playing to get any airtime for my stuff), as a result had about 6 albums to catch up on with them when I rediscovered them last year.  But they are pretty much all fabulous.  White Noise is awesome.

So, I'm always trying to find that perfect sound to add to my core playlist.  It's not easy I tell you.  Just a slightly droning voice can put me off.

Then the other day I stumbled upon another band I really like.  Sirens Eye.  I can't even remember the exact route I took to find them, but it had something to do with the lead singer who is also an actor.  I think I played one of their songs on YouTube and was a little interested, so bought their EP and was hooked.

Unfortunately for me, they only have the one EP out - with only 5 songs.  Bugger.  I'm thinking they could be a little more considerate to me and release a full CD.

Because, as we all know, it's all about me.

Sucks to finally find someone else to add to the playlist and have such a limited amount of songs.  I feel like chucking a tanty.

Shan xx


  1. Ahhh there you are! I've been trying to get into the Domestic Superstar blog but it's been deleted? You are a funny funny woman!!

    I *love* Muse too... Roy and I actually went to their Absolution concert many years ago, pre-Matilda. It ROCKED! Enjoy your concert. Irene = Tres Jealous :)

  2. I like the Siren's Eye too! :)