Monday, October 4, 2010

Blogtober Day 3 (catchup): store ponderings

I have been back and forth with having a WAHMummy store.  I get very turned about with whether or not to keep on doing it.  Which is why I start it up, then stop, start again and stop again......the show goes on and on.

I have recently decided to go in with a friend, but now I have some things for sale, and of course they aren't selling so I get disheartened a wee bit.  I wonder why I keep mixing things up in my head all the time?  I do get mixed messages all the time as I get told outwardly to go for it, my stuff is great, but it never sells.  Like never.

So then I flip-flop on whether to continue.  I am an awfully unstable type - which has been to my detriment a number of times in friendships and ventures.  Probably will be again I suppose.

Don't know whether to keep going or stop again......

Anyway, ponderings ponderings.........

1 comment:

  1. I think you should keep going :) I love your stuff!

    People don't seem to appreciate hand knitting, when you can go to a chain store and purchase a machine knitted mass produced garment for a third of the price. I would love to buy the perfect storm shorties and the versa but I just dont have funds and I would probably get into trouble for buying stuff I can make myself lol