Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blogtober Day 10: tikki

You know in life you come across some amazing people, this post is dedicated to one such person in my life. Tikki.

I had been mopping the floor thinking about my day 10 post and decided on a post about her, then went and read her day 9 post in which she calls me crazy and has some consipiring thoughts about making me knit ugly things......the cheek! So we shall see if I am as nice as I was going to be as I watched the dirt clean off the tiles......

This lady is amazing. I am in awe of her nature and am very grateful to have been able to make her acquaintance. Tikki patterns are quite famous the world over, totally adored by us Aussies, the Kiwi girls and the Americans are coming to love her as much as we do by the feels of things lately too. Her Rainbow Dress pattern, I personally think, started a new wave of knitwear design for children's clothing. She seemed to me to be the frontrunner of simple yet elegant designs which flatter the child and are easy for Mum to knit.

I have been very fortunate to be on the testing team for most of her designs, and have knitted many more of them - there's a few I have yet to do, but I'll get there.

She also does the most amazing sewing I've ever seen too. We own just one pair of tikki denim pants, and I have this tendency to turn them inside out and show everyone I know the workmanship of them. They are simply stunning in form and workmanship.

The designs are one thing, but the person behind the designs is an even more amazing thing! This woman is just such a treasure. I have been blessed to be able to spend time in real life with her, and I hope to do so in the future again. She is kind and generous, and one of the most thoughtfully level headed people I have come across. And fair! Such a sense of natural justice comes from her. And she's hilariously funny too, in a very smart, clever way. Of course, you gotta love that she's a nerdling too, especially when it comes to grammar.

[warning: blatant idol worship ahead]

And she's cool too! She is sooooo trendy, she lives in the cutest house in the most gorgeous suburb with the nicest things around her, lives a close to organic lifestyle and she drinks Chai Tea lol. She has the most amazing fabric and yarn stash too. Her family is just gorgeous, her kids are adorable and she's such an attentive nurturing mother to them. As a result they are gorgeously behaved. I've not met the man of the house as yet, but I just bet he's hunky and smart and funny - I can just imagine!

Anyway, one very special woman there. I hope that she's one of those people who stick around in my life for a long long time. *mwa* love you Tik!


  1. I have only spent a short time IRL with Tik! But I am with you 110% a gorgeous mama she is. 3 cheers for Tikki!!

    And what a lovely post Shannon :D

  2. Awww, that's such a nice post Shannon! One to keep Georgie - to print out and read when you're feeling a little down xoxo

  3. AWww, you made me cry!!!

    You're an awesome friend Shan, and those values you see in me are pretty much the same ones I value you for hun <3

  4. you almost made ME cry lol, what a wonderful wonderful post! <3

  5. Thats a bit sweet aye :)
    (The husband is amazing too, very friendly and chatty and interested about kiwi's and talks to other people's significant others too by finding things in common and going for it. A very special family, MMhmm, yessir!)