Thursday, November 12, 2009

Not so quick knitting update

OK, so I know I'm a slack blogger and should do this when they get finished, but here goes with the knitting wrap up.......
A couple of test knits for Rachel (CraftyWeeWifey on Rav). One of her spring butterfly top. This is meant to be the size 5 but the fibre I used made it grow remarkably, so it fits my 9 year old.

Test knit of Rachel's Kaia Babydoll top pattern. This is the size 5 test knit. Great pattern, the bodice goes super quickly which makes it so speedy to whip up.

This is a pattern called the 5 hour baby sweater. I took about 3 months on this due to procrastination. This will be for Darcy next winter and will be matched with some skirted longies in the brown with a pink overskirt. I tried out my snap machine on woolwear with this. They hold okay for now but for longevity I think they need some reinforcing.

A pair of soakers for Tracey as part of a swap for some yarn she sent me.

Another Tikki Bloom. This one I was trying out the Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece with the medium pattern (so the 8ply pattern with a 10ply cotton blend), it worked so nicely. I did add 4 extra rounds on the bodice after the armholes. I love this to bits, it might be the favourite thing I've knitted for the year. Knitted in the car from Brisbane to Melbourne.

A tropical lily for Jess. Knitted in the car on the way from Melbourne to Sydney.

And a tropical Lily for Kassidy too.
An Aestlight shawl for my SIL-to-be for her wedding. This is very special to me (and I think to her too) as her mother was a knitter and would have knitted a wedding shawl for her, but she died tragically shortly after the engagement. I hope this brings her some light on her wedding day even though her mother isn't there for her.
I finally finished a clapotis I've been working on all year it seems. I hated this project and would prefer to poke my eyes out than knit it again. It was like a knitting lobotomy. I suppose it doesn't help that it was a uniform grey the whole time, but I found it intensely boring. Makes me wonder why it's so popular on Ravelry???
This lovely piece was a testknit for Kelly's Meg pattern as part of her March Sisters collection. Such an adorable pinafore. And I fell totally in love with the yarn. I was Bendigo Cameo which is a wool angora blend. I didn't buy any from the Bendigo Backroom when I went there on holidays, but they don't seem to have it on their site, so I think it may be discontinued and now am kicking myself that I didn't buy a few hundred dollars worth lol. This pretty thang went to Darcy when we visited her.

Finally a couple of discloths which I made the pattern up for. I have almost written it down, and I'm going to release it as a free pattern. I love it, it is so scrubby. It's called nubbly.
And that's it for now. I do have about 4 things waiting for weaving and blocking, but I'm determined to blog them as they finish this time.


  1. My goodness you've been busy! Fabulous as always!