Saturday, January 24, 2009

Falling Behind...... my blog updates.
Here's some pics of my FOs so far for 2009.

Four dishcloths for Mel

I finally finished off Ziana's top which I started months upon months ago. I put it on hold over the summer as it was too hot to knit it, let alone wear it, but a planned trip ice skating inspired me to complete it for the event.
I frogged the soaker I had previously made with this yarn as the soaker skirt wasn't being worn by Jess anymore and made a soaker with a curly purly waist for Kassidy.
I knitted a pair of Fargyle socks from Jacki from Woolaholics, she made it into knitty, so I picked them right up and did them. Great pattern.

I am doing a very special set now. It is part of a swap, but truth be known I'm going above and beyond the swap value because I have always admired the quiet beauty of this lady. I dyed the wool on Australia Day, it turned out almost presicely what I wanted and I'm almost done with the body of the longies already. I am very excited because I've never really been inspired with creativity for a project like this before.......

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  1. Jeez... they're ALL Lovely lol
    imagine doing the dishes with those dishclothes... wouldn't it be just that bit more 'lovely'... well... kinda... you know what I mean. You do lovely work :)