Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Firestarter Socks FINISHED!!!!

I lost my love for sock knitting. I did so halfway through my first sock of this pair. They sat for a loooooong time unknitted. Then, I decided that I like socks, I like sock yarn and therefore I need to remember to like sock knitting. Doesn't help that this was my first pair of 'real' socks (ie. ones not from 8ply *wink*), so I was knocked sideways with the amount of time it takes to knit one......then you have to turn around and do it again for a second sock!
Anyway, I finished them. And I love them. And I'm going to knit more socks!
Firestarter socks: Lovely pattern, lotsa fun to knit. Love the gusset detail, love the travelling stitches. Very nice. Knitted in Monsoon Designs Twisty Sock in cycad.

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