Monday, September 8, 2008

Shrug for my gorgeous girl

We have a wedding on this weekend, which will go from day to evening, so I knitted a 3/4 length shrug for Jessalyn for the event. It's worked with two strands of rainbow dyed treliske bio-natur yarn which was dyed by Carolyn from Nappycino as part of a swap we did. I didn't want the colour to pool, so I used the two strands. The pattern is the GG shrug by Bec, and it's a lovely quick easy pattern. I made a few mods (of course) - I added some increases across the back, a garter edge around and the flarey 3/4 sleeves.


  1. Nice one Shannon! Jess is such a cutie!

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  3. They are both so pretty........xx