Thursday, August 28, 2008


As part of a Frog a Friend challenge on Woolaholics, I was tagged by Candice. I have actually thought long and hard about this one, and taken way longer than I ought to have (as is my way). So, I have a three-fold frog-a-friend result:

1. I decided I am not a fan of sock knitting. I put my socks on snooze until the desire picks up again. At the moment I'm not a fan of the time it takes to knit something that will ultimately end up on the second smelliest part of me, where most people won't look. Knitting 4ply does my head in too.
2. I have sold off a stack of cotton yarns which I've had for a while but keep delaying in knitting up. Of course now, I am thinking I should hold on to it all, but seriously, I will be in the exact same spot in 12 months I guarantee.
3. Even though I was convinced to keep on with the socks I have under construction right now, I did decide to frog the Monkey pair I had. They were way too small for me, wouldn't go over my heel, and it's my favourite wool and the thought of knitting them and giving them away because of size upset me. I do have another skein of the wool, but if it turns out (as I suspect it will) that a fitting pair of socks would take me into the second skein, then I'd again be upset. So it's frogged.

And I am tagging........Tania.

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